Carolina CBD Hempire is a leading CBD Dispensary dedicated to helping those who wish to improve their quality of life. What started as a idea to open a local Dispensary offering top-quality CBD products quickly turned into an “Hempire” as the demand for Carolina CBD Hempire products spread far quicker than we ever expected.

Today, thanks to our team of CBD specialists, Carolina CBD Hempire offers a wide range of products from top-shelf CBD flower, CBD oils and delicious edibles, to premium topicals that are the perfect application for targeted areas of the body.

Apart from being known as one of the top CBD Dispensaries in the region, we hold ourselves to some of the industry’s highest standards. From maintaining a five star level of customer support, to quality checking our products, the team at Carolina CBD Hempire is committed to providing you with the best the industry has to offer.

As a family owned Dispensary, Our mission is to provide you with a high-quality, effective, and reliable line of CBD products. Products that not only our family is proud of, but we know you and your family will be as well!